Thursday, July 21, 2011

जिंदगी ना मिलेगी दोबारा ! ( Zindagi na Milegi Dobara )

It is all about your LIFE ! 

It is what about your friends, your dreams, and about those things which you always wanted to do but you couldn’t do just because you couldn’t spare a time from your busy life.

It’s all about UNDERSTANDING relationships. It’s about; you wanted to say sorry to your loved one but you are going to be forgiven if and only if that SORRY comes straight from your heart.

It’s all about PLANNING of your life!
What do you think that at what age you are going to get retired from your work?
at the age of 40? 50???
Who knows my friend whether that number is going to come in your life or not! 
So just live this moment which you are having  right now and live it at fullest. 
Come out from the box and feel the sky. A man should be in the box only after his death!  

It’s all about FINDING the answers of some bitter questions of your life which are hidden deep under the sea and you have to dive into the deep sea to find it.

It’s all about FEELING love which is in the air!
You have to jump from the plane from the height of 15000 feet! 
Some of us are crazy about it.
some of us are careful about it and some of us are damn scared about it. 
But to feel it you have to jump mate! And once you are floating there in the sky, just close your eyes, feel it, live it, enjoy it and land with the pride that you have just touched the sky. :)

It’s all about LIVING each moment of your life like it’s a last moment of your life.  
The death is chasing you in the form of number of deadly bulls. You are in the narrow lane, bulls are running behind you. If they catch you they will crush you. You have to run faster than them to live. And not just to live but to do the things which you wanted to do if you are going to be alive!
Don’t think what you’ll be missing if you’ll be dead but just have a faith on yourself, run faster and live the life to do those things more beautifully!  

It’s all about REALIZATION!
Realizing damn LIFE my friend! cause you are  never going to get it again! :)